Healey Colbon
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Cannon Kirk House
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Town Square Chambers
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Healey Colbon


The vast majority of cases are dealt with in the magistrates’ courts and we have teams of advocates appearing before the magistrates on a daily basis to represent defendants.

Our office in Luton is sited immediately opposite both the police station and the court for the convenience of our clients. In Stevenage we are less than 100 yards away from both. That is not coincidence. It is in recognition of the fact that clients need immediate help and access.

We are fortunate enough to have the highest regarded advocates in the area which means that our own client following is higher than that of any other firm. Our clients do not come from advertising or from flooding duty solicitor schemes with newly qualified and inexperienced solicitors. Our following comes from reputation, from recommendation and from seeing us in action. This reputation has meant that we have been able to attract the best quality solicitors to join us. The number of advocates that we have also means that we are able to choose the right advocate for the right job.

Backing those advocates are those who prepare the files for trial. They are just as important in chasing the prosecution, finding witnesses, identifying weaknesses in the prosecution case and ensuring that the defence case is in the best possible shape for hearing. At the office you will find exactly the same level of commitment as at court to fighting your corner!

The magistrates are in the main open courts. If you’re around, come and introduce yourself and watch us in action!