Crown Court trials are all really about good, thorough and tenacious preparation. We have an experienced team of legal assistants lead by Dawn Feazey who deal exclusively with Crown Court preparation to ensure the best possible results. They, in turn, are able to instruct specialist barristers and our in-house Higher Court Advocates to conduct the hearings.

We deal with a full range of cases including:

Murder and Manslaughter

Complex Fraud

Serious Offences of Violence


Sexual Offences

Serious Drug Importation/Trafficking and Associated Conspiracies

Here are just some of the notable cases that we have dealt with:

Reference Description
R. v. D. 2019 £1.4 million fraud where we successfully argued eight counts down to one and the defendant sentenced below the guideline.
R. v. C. 2016 Occupant accused of the murder of suspected trespassing robber. Acquitted of all charges.
R. v. M. 2019 Successfully overturned conviction for attempt murder at the Court of Appeal. Defendant then acquitted in subsequent re-trial.
R. v. K. 2018 Murder involving the use of a knife in self-defence.
R. v. K. 2019 Managing a brothel; the Crown were persuaded to drop the case before trial.
R. v. P.& C. 2017 £10,000,000 importation of drugs and transferring firearms offences.
R. v. A. 2018 £3,000,000 Customs and Excise fraud.
R. v. L. & Others 2018 Large drugs conspiracy in Luton, involving an alleged organised crime group.
R. v. S. 2018 High profile murder case involving victim murdered by her partner. Covered in detail by the national press.
R. v. W. 2013 Murder of a new born baby; case successfully dismissed following defence application.
R. v. W. 2017 “One punch” murder; case successfully reduced to one of manslaughter.
R. v. K. 2016 Large scale importation of drugs involving complex hidden assets arguments at proceeds of crime hearing.
R. v. K. 2018 Multi-handed defence involving gangs, firearms and knife crime. Acquitted after a three month trial.
R. v. O. 2018 Successful acquittal of female in a drugs gang involving kidnap and torture.
R. v. W. 2010 This was a high publicity case known as the ‘Blue Lagoon Murder’. We were approached for advice by six of those arrested in this case. At the trial in Luton Crown Court we had the only Defendant to be acquitted of the charge of murder.
R. v. O. 2010 Known nationally as “The Matalan Murder” and covered in detail by the national press and by Crimewatch on television. O. was found not guilty of murder after trial.
R. v. C. 2009 Defendant charged with murder as a result of an alleged road rage incident. As a result of our involvement, the Prosecution accepted a plea to manslaughter.
R. v. L. 2009 A group of youths and adults were charged with the murder of an elderly gentleman during an unprovoked attack.
R. v. K. 2007 Defendant charged with murder having acted in defence of another. He was found not guilty of murder, but of manslaughter after trial.
R. v. K. 2006 We believe the first case of familial homicide to go to trial under English law.
R. v. R. 2006 This was the well-known honour killing in Silsoe R. absconded for a number of years before returning to the UK for the trial.