We will explore with you your eligibility for legal aid funding.

However, if legal aid is not available either because it is an offence which does not attract legal aid, or because you are not financially eligible, we will discuss how you can fund your defence privately.

As of 6th December 2018, the Solicitors’ Regulation Authority requires firms to publish price and service information on their website.

We will be upfront and realistic with you about the costs of your case.

Where possible we will quote a fixed fee for Magistrates' Court work and for guilty pleas our minimum fee will be £450.00 plus VAT (£540.00). This fee will be greater if we need to travel out of our area in order to represent you, or if it is a more complex case.

Hourly Rates:

Staff Member Rate
Partner £225.00 per hour
Senior Solicitor £200.00 per hour
Solicitor £180.00 per hour
Legal Assistant £140.00 per hour
Phone calls, letters and e-mails are charged at 10% of the above hourly rates.

Not Guilty Pleas

We will quote a fee for Magistrates' Court and Crown Court work based on the hourly rates quoted above. This fee may change depending on the complexity of proceedings and the length of time they take.

We will, of course, consult you before any increase in fee is made.

The cost of expert and medical reports and any other disbursements will be additional to the above costs.

Police Station

We recognise that if you are arrested for an offence and detained at a Police Station, you are at your most vulnerable. We will represent you free of charge at any time of the day or night.

We are contactable 24 hours a day, 365 days a year on our free 24-hour police station call out number: 07774 883818