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Specialists In Criminal Law
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Healey Colbon

About Us

We can help
But the fact that we tell you how professional we are won’t mean a thing to someone reading this who has no experience of the process.

We can reassure you
Healey Colbon opened in 2005 but our partners have specialised in criminal law for too many years to mention! They were formerly partners in other local practices and came together because they recognised that they could offer more to clients as a team than they could previously. Since then they have gathered to them the best of the advocates, police station representatives and case workers in the area. We are more often solicitor of choice to those needing help than any other local firm because of our commitment to the client and our expertise in all areas of criminal law.

We are there for you
Of course, criminal law is no respecter of time. Arrests can take place at any time, day or night. We recognise that and cover police station interviews 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We will never let down any client, known to us or not, who needs help in an interview situation at the police station. That help is free of charge to the client. You don’t even need to know our number. Just ask for Healey Colbon and the police have to do the rest.




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Back to top Minal Raj Minal Raj - Partner Solicitor Higher Court Advocate
Back to top Susan Billy Susan Billy – Crown Court Manager Fellow of the Institute of Legal Executives
Back to top Joanne Bridges Joanne Bridges - Legal Assistant
Back to top Courtney Brown Courtney Buttigieg – Crown Court Manager
Back to top Debbie Coffey Debbie Coffey - Office Manager
Back to top Kajel Doshi Kajel Doshi – Solicitor
Back to top Dawn Feazey Dawn Feazey - Legal Assistant
Back to top Debbie Gibson Debbie Gibson – Solicitor Higher Court Advocate
Back to top Erin Haupt Erin Haupt – Solicitor Higher Court Advocate
Back to top Matthew Lippard Matthew Lippard – Solicitor
Back to top Sabreena Quadri Sabreena Quadri – Solicitor
Back to top Nick Staples Nick Staples – Solicitor
Back to top Rachel Taylor Rachel Taylor – Solicitor