Criminal law is all we do

When you do have contact with any of our partners or staff, you will be dealing with someone with experience. We don’t practice in any other areas of law. Our solicitors specialise in one thing and one thing only; looking after clients accused of criminal offences. That includes a very wide spectrum of course, whether it’s driving without a licence you’re charged with or murder.

Just ask our clients

We have a phenomenal record of client satisfaction from the surveys that we send out at the end of each case. Most importantly, we know that clients appreciate us because of the recommendations that they refer to us on a daily basis.

Check our record

Don’t just take our word for it! Have a look at our record of high-profile cases. Come and check us out at court! Or contact us for advice. You’ll find we’re professional, friendly and approachable and put you first!


If you need the services of a criminal solicitor the chances are that, by the time you have access to the internet and are able to get to this website, you are sadly already involved in the frightening process of having been interviewed, charged or summonsed to attend court.

Magistrates' Court

The vast majority of cases are dealt with in the magistrates’ courts and we have teams of advocates appearing before the magistrates on a daily basis to represent defendants.


Crown Court

Crown Court trials are all really about good, thorough and tenacious preparation. We have an experienced team of legal assistants lead by Dawn Feazey who deal exclusively with Crown Court preparation to ensure the best possible results.


Motoring Prosecutions

Motoring offence allegations affect more people than any other type of criminal law. Our solicitors have between them, decades of experience and are able to offer the expert service you need to protect your licence.


Youth Court & Young People

The police can arrest, question and charge children as young as 10. We are perfectly aware that this can be an extremely difficult time for everyone involved. We will not talk down to you, and we will provide the expert advice and help you need.